What We Do:
​We provide Behavioral Services to address behaviors that are getting in the way of a person’s success.  We teach necessary skills for individuals with behavioral challenges as well as intellectual and developmental disabilities to increase independence and success in their home, community, or school environments. Our work is person-centered, and that is where we generally start services: what does the person want in his or her life and how do we help him or her achieve those goals? Our assessments start with evaluating the current circumstances in various environments of a person’s life and culminate in a written assessment. The assessment functions as an outline of goals and appropriate steps for the team to take to meet those goals. At the end of the assessment period, we will discuss with the team our recommendations for ongoing services.

A letter From Multiplicity:
​Multiplicity Therapeutic Services (MTS) was founded by Charles Chojnacki, who for over 30 years has worked with children and adults with autistic spectrum challenges, developmental and intellectual disabilities. MTS’s time and efforts relative to providing services to individuals with intellectual concerns and their families has included working with a number of regional centers, residential facilities, and various schools throughout Northern California to provide specialized services and advocacy.The MTS mission is to continue to provide the highest quality of professional behavioral and skill acquisition services to the individuals (children and adults) and agencies we serve. As you come to know MTS you will find that our organization prides itself on the quality of care we deliver to those in need. MTS’s staff is comprised of individuals with Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral levels of education in the fields of Education, Social Welfare, Psychology, and Applied Behavior Analysis (Board Certified Behavior Analysts). The fact that MTS staff comes from a variety of educational, social, and cultural backgrounds affords MTS an opportunity to offer a diverse service that can address many of the complexities that families with intellectual challenges possess. MTS is an organization that prides itself on maintaining a person-centered approach to providing services. MTS works with children and adults who possess a variety of behavioral challenges and skill deficits that have affected and impacted not only their community participation and accessibility, but educational opportunities, inter-personal growth, vocational accessibility, social participation and the entitlement that goes with being a citizen of the communities they reside. Our programs are developed to teach people the functional skills they need to access the world around them so they may create rich and fulfilling lives.

Vision Statement:
We have an extensive understanding of the rights that all individuals have to reside and prosper in the least restrictive environment possible in all facets of their lives and of the right to access not only their community, but their world as well. We understand the concept of personal and cultural respect and the responsibility we have as an organization to support individuals in realizing their individual objectives and choices. MTS’s work with people puts a person’s rights for self determination at the forefront of our practice of caring for and collaboration with others. MTS understands that we have been given an incredible responsibility to assist individuals in reaching their fullest potential and to provide assistance as needed to help others reach their hopes, dreams, wishes and goals in the present and in the future.